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CA LCC Strategic Plan

The purpose of this 5-year strategic plan is to elicit how the CA LCC will achieve the mission of informing and promoting integrated science, natural resource management and conservation to address impacts of climate change and other stressors within and across ecosystems. Details on the process used to develop the Strategic Plan can be found in Strategic Planning Phase 1 and Strategic Planning Phase 2 summary reports.

The Strategic Plan has three main objectives:

1) Conduct and coordinate information exchange between scientists and managers to advance decision-making and conservation at a landscape scale.

2) Enhance climate-smart* conservation on a landscape scale.

3) Ensure CA LCC provides effective and lasting outcomes that support California's diverse and thriving ecosystems.

Quick Guide to Climate-Smart Conservation


Science-Management Framework

The 5-year Science-Management Framework identifies the process by which the CA LCC provides scientific support for natural resource managers to incorporate climate-smart conservation strategies into their management actions. 

The Science-Management Framework has four main objectives:

1) Support ten or more place-based projects distributed across all CA LCC Ecoregions that lead to climate-smart conservation actions by resource managers.

2) Implement at least two interdisciplinary projects to assess and address climate change impacts to priority ecosystem processes at a landscape scale.

3) Develop at least two landscape conservation design projects that provide spatially explicit blueprints that will support climate-smart strategies and actions development.

4) Lessons learned from place-based, ecosystem process and landscape conservation design projects are applied by partners, including implementing climate-smart strategies and actions.


CA LCC Charter