Dr. Amber Pairis is the Lead for the Climate Science Alliance - South Coast and Strategic Conservation Planning for the South Coast Region of California and Baja.

Her current work focuses on building a science focused network of leaders, scientists, and managers focused on sharing ecosystem-based resiliency approaches to safeguard our communities and natural resources from climate change. Pairis leads several initiatives related to climate change adaptation and innovative community engagement. 

She helped create the National Adaptation Forum in 2013 & 2015 and the California Adaptation Forum in 2014. In 2013, Pairis was appointed by Governor Brown as the Assistant Secretary for Climate Change-California Natural Resources Agency and worked collaboratively to coordinate the State's activities related to climate change adaptation. Preceding the appointment, Pairis served as the Climate Change Advisor for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and created the Department's Climate Science Program. In 2006 Pairis worked for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Washington D.C. where she was the Science Liaison coordinating between the state and federal natural resource agencies on energy and climate change. Pairis is a scientist by training and completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Studies Antioch University New England. Pairis is a fellow of the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation.

E-mail: amber.pairis@wildlife.ca.gov