Debra SchlafmannCA LCC Coordinator

Claudia Mengelt, CA LCC Science Coordinator

Kat Powelson, CA LCC Science Communication Coordinator

Deanne DiPietro, CA LCC Data Manager


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The Central Valley Landscape Conservation Project (CVLCP) aims to identify strategic climate-smart conservation actions in partnership with scientists and natural resource managers that will maximize the adaptive capacity of priority species, habitats, and ecosystems to support an ecologically connected Central Valley landscape. During the last two years, the CVLCP collaboration has engaged over 180 individuals and 33 organizations during five workshops. On May 18-19th the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative will host the sixth CVLCP workshop. This webinar will provide returning and new partners with a brief overview of the progress that we have made so far and prepare partners for the May workshop. We will also highlight some results from our vulnerability assessment workshop and the adaptation strategies workshop and review how final outcomes of the CVLCP will benefit our partners. 

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Event date: 
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 2:00pm