May 3rd 11am - 12pm PST


Jim SmithThe Nature Conservancy LANDFIRE Project lead


LANDFIRE  is a program that provides over 20 national geo-spatial layers (e.g. vegetation, fuel, disturbance, etc.), databases, and ecological models that are available to the public for the US and insular areas. LANDFIRE is a well-established, national data creation program in wide application across the U.S., however many current and potential users do not fully understand what the aims, design criteria, status and plans of the program are.  In this webinar, LANDFIRE Project Lead Jim Smith offers information and insights regarding product characteristics, applications and plans as they may apply to the California Landscape Conservation Collaborative.  Additionally, he will describe how users’ contributions and comments help improve products not only for LCCs, but also for land managers/practitioners, fire professionals and others who work with large datasets. Finally, he’ll show that LANDFIRE’s powerful suite of tools can be modified for regional use. Learn more about the LANDFIRE program.


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Event date: 
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 11:00am