A joint project of the California and North Pacific LCCs is hosting several 2-day workshops along the Pacific coast to connect with local managers and decision makers to present new modeling results and identify management science needs for climate change adaptation planning and implementation.

The goal is to incorporate science needs into a coast wide needs assessment for the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, North Pacific and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and USGS Climate Science Centers to better plan and manage for climate change impacts to nearshore and tidal marsh ecosystems. This 2-day workshop will include presentations on the state of climate change science, climate smart thinking, and site level results for tidal marsh sea-level rise response modeling.  

Workshop Dates & Locations:

  •  San Pablo Bay - September 25
  • Humboldt - October 2-3
  • Nisqually - October 21-22
  • Sileta - November 12-13
  • Willapa - November 20-21
  • Bolinas - December 10-11
  • Tijuana - December 15-16
  • Seal Beach - March 2015 (Exact dates TBD)

If you are a local manager or decision maker interested in attending, please contact Karen Thorne at kthorne@usgs.gov for more information.

Event date: 
Saturday, January 31, 2015 (All day)
Event location: 
8 Pacific Coast Locations