Michelle Selmon has been a Senior Environmental Scientist and Regional Climate Change Specialist with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) since 2009. She has been involved with the California LCC since its inception in 2010. In addition to serving as Vice Chair, she is the chairperson for the CA LCC Tribal/Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) subcommittee.

Michelle has bachelor's degrees in Biology and Psychology, and a Master's in Biology from California State University, Fresno. The issue of climate change pulled Michelle away from her job managing Ecological Reserves for threatened and endangered species at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a position she held for over 8 years. Recognition that the impacts of climate change could unravel decades of hard work by Michelle and her predecessors to protect species from extinction led her to seek her current position with DWR. At DWR, Michelle works with water managers and the public to understand the current and future impacts of climate change on water resources and ecosystems, and ways to both mitigate and adapt to those changes. In addition to her involvement with the CA LCC, Michelle also serves as the DWR representative on the Governor's Climate Action Team Land-use subgroup and leads the DWR Climate Team Outreach and Education program.

Michelle and her husband live in Central California with their three children, two chickens, and a huge chocolate lab. They love doing anything outdoors together and are all passionate about good stewardship of our natural resources.