Proposal Title: 

Building Habitat Connectivity for Climate Adaptation; Mayacamas to Berryessa Coast Ranges, California

Project Summary: 

The goal of this project is to tap into recent advances in habitat mapping, threat assessment, and climate change projections to co-produce a scientifically sound multi-county habitat connectivity roadmap for the region spanning from the Mayacamas Mountains to the new Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in concert with local land managers.

This project will build on a nascent Landscape Connectivity Network facilitated by Pepperwood and comprised of land trusts, parks and open space districts, with state and federal land managers. In partnership with UC Berkeley, the network will build a place-based decision support platform for prioritizing and implementing habitat connectivity projects on the ground across multiple jurisdictions. The product will be a science-based prioritization of critical habitat pinch-points co-created with local land managers that identifies threatened linkages in high value habitat corridors.