Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - Friday, October 28, 2016 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds

The State of California, four LCCs (Landscape Conservation Cooperatives), and the SW CSC hosted a joint gathering to foster state-wide collaboration on landscape-scale conservation.  The aim was to understand how our work (individually and collectively) contributes to a broader conservation vision for the region. The purpose of this inaugural meeting was to identify opportunities for collaboration on climate and landscape scale conservation actions.

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Larry Rabin, U.S. Fish and Widlife Service

Kevin Hunting, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Ellie Cohen, Point Blue Conservation Science

Carolyn Enquist, Southwest Climate Science Center

Genevieve Johnson, Desert LCC

John Mankowski, North Pacific LCC

Rick Kearney, Great Basin LCC

Deb Schlafmann, California LCC

Elsa Haubold, National LCC Coordinator

Claire Jahns, CA Natural Resources Agency


Transboundary Theme - Land Management

Jeff Raasch, Texas Parks & Wildlife/ Joint Venture

Jay Chamberlin, CA State Parks

 Anne Morkill, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Armand Gonzales, CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Transboundary Theme - Water for Ecological Health

Jaci Gould, Bureau of Reclamation

Debbie Aseltine-Neilson, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

Transboundary Theme - Fire Management

Dave Sapsis, CalFire

Diana Craig, US Forest Service

Mike Westaphal, Bureau of Land Management

Sarah Allen, National Park Service

California LCC Steering Commitee Presentations 

Chris Bujalski, Bureau of Indian Affairs 

Deanne DiPietro, CA LCC

Megan Jennings, Climate Science Alliance