California LCC Steering Committee

The CA LCP Steering Committee directs staff activities and reports LCP information to a larger audience of CA LCP affiliates made up of research and conservation partners, interested parties, and associated organizations.The Steering Committee (pictured below) serves as the executive body for decision-making. The Steering Committee charts the vision, develops a strategic plan and guides the progress of the CA LCP. The CA LCC Charter lists responsibilities and membership requirements for Steering Committee members.


Member Title Organization


Alternate: John Andrew

Senior Environmental Scientist/Climate Change Specialist

CA Department of Water Resources

Wayne Spencer - Chair

Alternate: Tosha Comendant

Chief Scientist Conservation Biology Institute

Ellie Cohen

Alternate: Grant Ballard

Executive Director Point Blue Conservation Science
Dore Bietz - Tribal Chair  Planner Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians

Sarah Allen

Alternate: Vacant

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Coordinator, Pacific West Region National Park Service

Mike Dunphy

Alternate: Ruth Ostroff

Coordinator Central Valley Joint Venture

Tom Hedt

Alternate: Jennifer Cavanaugh

State Resource Conservationist

Natural Resource Conservation Service

Chrissy Howell

Alternates: Diana Craig & Don Yasuda

Deputy Director Ecosystem Management for the Pacific Southwest Region US Forest Service

Beth Huning


San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Kevin Hunting

Alternates: Armand Gonzales & Whitney Albright

Chief Deputy Director

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife

Steve Jackson

Alternate: Carolyn Enquist


Southwest Climate Science Center

Rodd Kelsey

Alternate: Mark Kramer

Lead Scientist, Central Valley and Mountains

The Nature Conservancy

Keith Miles


Director Western Ecological Research Center, US Geological Survey
Larry Rabin - Advisor Assistant Regional Director, Science Applications US Fish & Wildlife Service

Amber Pairis

Alternate: Megan Jennings

Director Climate Science Alliance - South Coast

Pat Rutten

Alternate: Natalie C-Manning

SW Field Supervisor California & Pacific Islands NOAA/NMFS

Kevin Shaffer

Alternate: Javier Linares

Forum Chair

CA Fish Passage Forum

Mary Small

Alternate: Sam Schuchat

Deputy Executive Officer
CA Coastal Conservancy

Polly Wheeler

Alternate: Todd Hopkins

Assistant Regional Director for Refuges

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jennifer Duberstein

Alternate: Carol Beardmore


Sonoran Joint Venture


Alternate: Michelle Denning


Acting Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services


US Bureau of Reclamation