Monday, March 17, 2014


In 2014, the CA LCC is focusing on getting tangible climate-smart strategies developed to be implemented on the ground by our partners. Using our 5-year Science-Management Framework and 5-year Communication Framework as guiding instruments, CA LCC activities will be strategically focused this year and beyond.

Throughout 2014, support will be provided for both place-based projects and in-person networking and training activities that bring scientists and managers together. Projects will address important climate change management issues identified through local partnerships that will drive implementation of climate-smart conservation activities on-the-ground. In-person activities will include important collaboration and training on ecoregional needs for understanding of changing ecosystem processes (i.e. hydrologic regimes, sea level rise, fire regimes, etc.), climate-smart conservation and Tribal Ecological Knowledge.

2014 CA LCC Actions:

Place-Based Projects will demonstrate and advance climate-smart conservation in a specific geographic location within an ecoregion, see ecoregion map on left. Regionally identified high priority needs, priority resources or important management issues will be addressed.

  • Look out for a focused Request for Proposals for Place-Based Projects in April 2014.
  • Examples of Place-Based Projects:
  1. From Awareness to Action: A Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Focal Resources of the Sierra Nevada
  2. North-Central California Coast and Ocean Climate Adaptation Project

Landscape Conservation Design Project: The Central Valley will be the geographic focus for a pilot Landscape Conservation Design (LCD). A LCD is both the process and product with which a community of engaged conservation partners develop and design spatially explicit interconnected landscapes that are capable of supporting healthy ecosystems into the future.  

Resources detailing LCDs:

Annual CA LCC Affiliate Workshop: An annual CA LCC Affiliate workshop will be held in Fall 2014. This workshop will provide a forum for organizations to network with others, share information, define common conservation needs across a landscape and define actions to meet those needs.  Affiliates include scientists and conservation practitioners across agencies and organizations that work within the CA LCC landscape.

Science-Management Workshops: These local workshops will support implementation of place-based, ecosystem processes and conservation design projects. Workshop topics will be developed by the CA LCC Science-Management and Communication Team in the coming months.

Tribal Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Summit: The primary goal for the TEK Summit is to bring awareness to state and federal agency staff and LCC partners on how and when to apply information from TEK to conservation decisions. Participants will become equipped with increased institutional knowledge on how to engage in tribal collaboration on for TEK management of resources.

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