Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pre proposal due: March 13th

Proposal due: May 9th

The Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund focuses on three priority conservation needs to restore the monarch butterfly to a more robust and healthy population:

  • Habitat restoration to plant native milkweed for caterpillars and nectar plants for adults in both large, contiguous areas as well as in smaller patches, especially in edge habitat along the butterfly's migration route.
  • Increasing organizational capacity and coordination among organizations, states, and regions engaged in monarch conservation and monitoring, science coordination, milkweed seed blend production and distribution, and monarch programming to ensure efficiency and the use and sharing of best practices.
  • Native seed production and distribution to increase production and availability of seeds and plants essential to habitat restoration.

NFWF is currently working with funders and outside experts to develop a targeted strategy to support the recovery of monarchs while providing benefits to a broader group of pollinators. In 2016, NFWF will solicit proposals that seek to produce the required conservation outcomes. Funding for habitat restoration; organizational capacity building; and native seed production and distribution will support on-the-ground conservation projects around the country with a focus on the central United States. It is anticipated that this round of selected projects will commence this fall and early winter.

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