Proposal Title: 

Climate-Driven Geomorphic Alteration of Intertidal Foraging Habitats for Migratory Birds in the San Francisco Bay Estuary

Project Summary: 

The study answers the management question, “How will climate change and sea-level rise affect the intertidal shoal habitats critical for the health of migratory birds in the San Fransicso Bay Estuary?” This project provides the first science addressing this pivotal question and informs conservation and restoration of migratory bird habitat, including the on-going South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project. The primary objectives are to: 1) translate sea-level rise and climate scenarios into habitat quantity predictions; 2) model the response of avian prey to intertidal flat changes; and 3) integrate predictive changes in habitat quantity and prey abundance to generate spatially-explicit assessments of avian response to climate change.