The Environmental Change Network

This project will develop a foundation for monitoring environmental change by identifying where and what to monitor in order to evaluate climate-change impacts. Initial focus was on landbirds, however a framework will be developed that recommends standardized monitoring for other taxa and environmental attributes. Ultimately, this project will answer the question "How do we monitor the ecological consequences of climate change?"

Climate-Driven Geomorphic Alteration of Intertidal Foraging Habitats for Migratory Birds in the San Francisco Bay Estuary

The study answers the management question, “How will climate change and sea-level rise affect the intertidal shoal habitats critical for the health of migratory birds in the San Fransicso Bay Estuary?” This project provides the first science addressing this pivotal question and informs conservation and restoration of migratory bird habitat, including the on-going South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project.

Sea-level Rise Modeling Across the California Salt Marsh Gradient

This project uses modeling at a parcel scale to measure the effects of sea-level rise on coastal ecosystems and tidal salt marshes. The project team will measure several parameters that will be incorporated into ArcGIS models creating comparable datasets across the Pacific coast tidal gradient. The ultimate goal is to provide science support tools for local adaptation planning from the bottom-up that may be implemented under a structured decision-making framework.

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